to think about offering “Gourmet Rides”.
I loved the leisurely pace, the increased
number of laughs and the decided increase in fine food. So if there’s any interest in this idea, do let me know.

Sorry if the photos don't look as sharp as before. I'm using a pre-packaged web design program...the same one that Ian uses for our main site. He's a whole lot better at it than I am!

Cheers, and
Happy Trails to You
From Santa Fe, New Mexico
The Land of Enchantment


Welcome to Trips and Quips
Commentary and Photos for 7/19/12

All of the SOB rides are rated according to difficulty. “A” rides are the most difficult in terms of both distance and terrain. Last year I spent most of my time with the “A” riders and could not have even imagined riding with any other group...especially the “C” Group. Well, I havehad an awakening.

Due to an injury which I had in Spain earlier in the season, I have lost a lot 
of “on the road” time. That means I’ve lost quitea bit of conditioning. So, all of a sudden, the “C” ride was looking like my
only option.

Little did I know that the so-called “slower” riders also know how to live it up on the road. Half way through the ride found us at the Four Star Four Seasons Resort at Encantado...just for coffee and snacks. This is my idea of a great ride. And I think it’s given me the inspiration..

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